Tuesday, 22/10/2019 | 3:33 UTC+3

In case you’re wondering, you’re technical, or you’re searching for a host.

I recently moved from a shared web hosting company to a VPS.

After quite a lot of digging in forums, searching for benchmarks and the like, I settled for Linode.

It’s not the cheapest offer around, but there’s a load of good things about it:

First of all, the price on the hosting plans doesn’t really fluctuate. There aren’t any coupons and the like. These guys aren’t in it for a snatch.

Second of all, I liked the way you pick the location, the smooth easy setup. There’s a ton of docs and Q&A in the community. I didn’t actually need any of that; like I said it was a smooth ride. But it’s very reassuring to know that there’s a whole lot of advice and help available if needs be.

There’s no Plesk or CPanel. Linode has an in-house manager that’s clean, simple and efficient.

I got the 512MB Ram package. Now that’s not all there is in a VPS solution – there’s the CPU, the disk I/O, network throughput and so on. Everything’s not blitzing fast, but everything’s not raggedly slow either. All in all, performance-wise, I’m very happy about Linode. It could be better, but it could also be a lie. This, on the other hand, is real.

So far I haven’t really hit a snag. Uptime is great, the graphs about the VPS on my control panel are really informative so there is no need to go for a software solution in your VPS.

Now if you have absolutely no idea about VPS, Linux and the like, but you want to host a number of sites and/or web apps relatively cheap, with good performance and excellent stability, go Linode. Find someone to set it up for you.

If you’ve got some time to spare, you could survive rolling out your own website with a CMS (like WordPress or whatever you prefer). As I said, there’s a ton of docs out there, and though the folks at Linode won’t do it for you, they’ve be known to lend a hand and almost walk you through most difficulties. You could also try some install scripts to automate most of the process of setting up your server (Google VPS scripts) for the Linux distro of your choice – I’d go with Debian which is rock solid, has an extensively list of packages and millions of users world-wide.

Definitely check out Linode’s FAQ and search for articles on hosting a WordPress or similar site on a VPS, like this one.

If you’re familiar with Linux and VPS, go Linode. It’s not just that I want your referral (I really do) – but to be honest, you can get a similar (unmanaged) or perhaps better VPS for $10 a month, but chances are you’ll be sorry for it after the first few months. That’s fine if you’re not running anything serious on that machine and can write off the VPS and the money that went into it, but for anything remotely serious, I staunchly believe Linode’s offer is one of the few serious options around.

If you do decide to take the plunge, let me get the referral. This is my referral code included in the link


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