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Party of Five – Book II

Party of Five - Book II

For those of you who read the first book in the series and have been eagerly waiting for the second installment, it’s done!

Ned, Winceham, Lernea and Parcifal, along with Theo and Bo the bunny finally reach Tallyflop atop a giant oak floating in space in search of Theo’s people.

They’ll have a touch of bad luck with what passes as law in a truly neutral pirate haven and before they know it, Theo goes missing, the crystal has been stolen and Bo abducted.

Someone wants them dead, and tries more than just once. Searching for clues about Theo, his crystal, Bo and the woodkin elves, the party splits up as time is running low and the danger keeps growing.

Theo discovers the power of Rho and a dear friend while the alien horrors from their earlier adventure have a name: the Ygg. They also have a plan, and two mysterious people with an agenda want to stop them.

This is Book II of the “Party of Five” series of novellas.

Check out Book I (5.0 out of 5.0) reviews here.

Here is the description of Book I:

A magical bunny, daft pirates, a village of rastafari elves, two princesses, a semi-retired thief and an aspiring bard, plus flying ships, dimensional portals and a largely silly sorcerer with a dangerous, mysterious amulet.

How do they all fit together, you may ask? Fate, it seems. Or maybe not.

Add a dash of fire, a pinch of lightning and some magic to your life.
And remember, it could all be just a bad trip..


Book I and Book II are both available for $0.99 each from the Amazon Kindle Store

Check out the first “Party of Five” novella right here!

5.0 out of 5 stars Doesn’t disappoint!, February 4, 2013
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Kalampakas has done it again! This author’s ability to write beautifully detailed scenes – streets filled with exotic animals, laden with riches from around the cosmos – never fails to create movie quality images in my mind. This book was filled with heart thumping suspense! Why are characters going missing? And who’s trying to kill off our favorite little party? I still can’t help but admire the strength and strong-will Kalampakas has put into Parcifal and Lernea. These two aren’t helpless damsels in distress! Do yourself a favorite and read this book. You won’t be disappointed!


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Born in Trikala, raised since childhood Athens, torn between the call of nature and the trapping of society. I write books, tell stories and make fun of most things that don't really matter in the cosmic, long view.

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